Be Blown Away by the Redcliffe KiteFest Kite Flyers


The incredible kite showcase will be the crowning attraction of the North Brisbane kite festival. Kites great and small, of all shapes, sizes and colours will bejewel the sky over the Kite Flying Arena. Be enchanted and amazed by the brilliant creations flown by amazingly talented home-grown and international kite flyers.

The Who’s Who of Redcliffe KiteFest Kite Flyers

Wondering who’s pulling the strings? Meet the 2017 North Brisbane Kite Festival kite flyers:

Andreas Agren (Sweden)

A winner of miniature kite contests, Andreas Agren’s love of kites was sparked during Italy’s Cervia Kite Festival in 1992. Witnessing kite design taken to the limit first-hand made him a self-confessed ‘instant kite addict’ and since then he has been quite fond of using bamboo in his single line creations, the technical aspect of which fascinates him above all else. Over the years he has attended a great many kite festivals across Europe and Asia, with Redcliffe Festival marking his first major Australian kite event appearance. “I like my kites to touch the mind or even twist the mind, or raise a question when you look at them.” A man of eclectic interests, Andreas’ passion for kites is only matched by his love for tango.

Simon and Lyndall Chisnall (New Zealand)

Since 1996 Simon has been travelling the globe building a reputation for creating the world’s largest kites. Amongst his most popular behemoths are the giant whale and crab, though his most famous is arguably the special, 18 metre, 3D monster show kite he built for the 2014 US premiere of ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’. These days he pours his energy into designing large show kites such as Pegasus, Terry the Turtle cuttlefish, crabs, and a 30 metre, life size blue whale, amongst others. Lyndall caught the kite fever from Simon in 2006 and since then the pair have brought their kiting expertise to events across the world over.

Ali and Nev Carvell (Adelaide)

Allison and Nevil are lifelong kite aficionados. Ali began her foray into the realm of competitive Australian kiting in the 90s, competing for the Kite Factory solo, flying dual line stunt kites, and with a team. Nevil also began his first foray into kite flying with dual line kites and even found work which indulged his passion – making and selling kites for the Kite Factory. A serendipitous meeting at Nev’s workplace brought the two kiting enthusiasts together romantically and professionally. Together they progressed to 4 line kites and buggying, before trying their hand at large inflatable kites which continues to be a passion today.

Jo and Ricky Baker (Melbourne)

30 years ago Ricky bought a small stunt kite while holidaying in Queensland with Jo. Fast forward to today and Jo and Ricky now own a trailer full of diverse kites including single string, dual line, quad line and even a buggy, and have competed in kite competitions all over the world. The kiting couple began their high-flying journey team flying, before progressing to single string flying amongst other forms. Their dedication paid-off in 2005 when Jo was crowned kite flying world champion. For over 17 years, Jo and Ricky have been running Kites 4 Kids – educational school, pre-school, after school and holiday workshops which tour around Melbourne and select country areas promoting kite flying as a fun and healthy sport for kids.

Redcliffe Kite Club

The local peninsula kite club will launch their large display kites during the opening event of Redcliffe Festival. Redcliffe Kite Club has taken part in numerous events across Queensland including the Redcliffe Festival of Sails, the Charleville Bilby Festival, the Miles Beef, Bells & Bottle Tree Festival, the Tara Camel Races and many more. Local Moreton Bay Region residents with an interest in kites are encouraged to join the Redcliffe Kite Club ranks. Kite flyers of all ages and varying skill levels are welcome.

Leong Chee Wan aka CEEWAN (Malaysia)

Leong’s passion for kites was sparked by a chance encounter with a colleague who he saw flying modern manoeuvrable kites way back in 1993. Better known within the kiting community as CEEWAN, Leong’s love for kites has continued to soar –he is the proud owner of a collection of rare, stunning, designer kites from all over the globe and has designed his own line of arguably the biggest mass produced framed-kites in the world, the ‘Pointer’. The ‘Pointer’ and the ‘Plutz’, an indoor ‘zero-wind’ kite which flies without wind and comes in various sizes, are his most successful designs. Both are sold in the US.

The 2018 Kite Flyers Line up will be announced soon. Stay Tuned!