Brazilian Kite Flyer Gustavo Linhares

For the second year in a row now, we will be hosting our good friend, local kite enthusiast and international kite flyer Gustavo Linhares, who will be showcasing his skills with kites in the USC Kite Flying Arena at the 2019 Redcliffe KiteFest!

In the lead up to the 2019 event, we sat down with Gus to get to know more about his love for kite flying and why he travels the world doing what he does.

1. What’s your earliest memory of flying a kite? How old were you? How long having you been flying kites?

My earliest memory of kite flying was around 7 years old growing up in Brazil. My grandfather and father both taught me how to split and shape the bamboo to make the frames and use paper to decorate them. These kites were very different to the versions we make today and the level of creativity expressed. Flying these types of kites is a popular pastime in Brazil and I spent a lot of my childhood flying with friends and family.

2. What is the biggest kite you have ever made?

The biggest kite I have made is 2 metres long. These kites can go up 6-8 metres in length but at this size they become difficult to fly and cannot do stunts so are mainly used to promote logos/festivals etc.

3. How many hours does it take for you to make one of your kites? How much fabric is used?

The time depends on the level of creative technicality. My latest kite with the Redcliffe Kite Fest logo took around 20 hours. This includes the initial design and sketches as well as the frame and tail. The design on the front used 15 different colours and these have to be cut out by hand and each pieced glued. The materials we use to make these kites is bamboo and string for the frame. Tissue paper for the kite face and tail.

4. How many kites do you normally bring with you to the Redcliffe kite fest?

Last year I took 30 different kites to fly at the festival. We have a small team of Brazilian flyers who come by and fly on the field so they help demonstrate my kites.

This year I will be running workshops both days as well as selling kites and doing demonstrations on the field so the number of kites will be a lot higher.

5. What’s your favourite kite to fly at the Redcliffe?

My favourite kite to fly is my 70cm kite with a 30m tail. This kite fly’s well in most weather conditions although if wind speeds increase a smaller kite is usually needed for tricks/demonstrations.

6. Share with us one cool fact about kites that most people don’t know.

In Brazil when a person has a kite battle and breaks the others line, that free flying kite then can be reclaimed by anybody. This causes all the kids (and adults) to chase through the streets waiting for the kite to come into reach. The better and more unique the design the better the chase!

2019 will be Gus's second time at the Redcliffe KiteFest, so make sure you come and say G'day and get some awesome tips to keep you in the air!

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