Create a Kite to Fly at KiteFest

The Public Kite Flying Zone will be welcoming kite flyers of all ages to come and bejewel the sky above Pelican Park with homemade or store bought kites during the event. A kite making workshop will be operating next to the Public Kite Flying Zone over both days. If your little one hasn’t brought along a kite to the North Brisbane Kite Festival, feel free to drop-in to craft one for $7. You’ll find the Fly Zone to the right of the Kindred Main Stage, marked clearly on the KiteFest Site Map.

Get Crafty Prior to the North Brisbane Kite Festival

In the lead-up to Redcliffe KiteFest why not enjoy some family fun creating a simple kite with your child to bring along to the Public Kite Flying Arena.

DIY yourself a Basic Kite

What you need:

  • Newspaper
  • Sticks
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Markers and/or stickers
  • Forage for Materials

1.Gather up a few sticks.

Find 2 straight and sturdy sticks over 50cm in length. Scrounge around the yard, or forage about in your local park.

2.Cobble your Sticks Together

Get some string. When you’ve found your sticks, place them across each other to make a cross. The horizontal stick must be slightly shorter than the vertical one.

Cut one down to about 50cm and the other down to about 35cm. Once you’ve got the size right – tightly tie the sticks together where they cross over each other.

3.Weave the string around the sticks.

Cut small notches in the 4 protruding ends of the sticks before you lace another, lengthier piece of string around the sticks outer edges. With a steady hand loop the string multiple times around each notch, pulling it tight to ensure the string does not slip-off.

When all 4 sticks are looped, creating the kite’s frame, securely tie-off the string.

4.Bring Out the Scissors.

Get a few pages of newspaper. Lay the pages on top of each other and cut them down to fit the size and shape of your diamond kite frame.

Make sure the newspaper remains a couple of centimetres larger than the frame all the way around so you can fold the edges over the string and stick ends.

5.It’s All Coming Together Now.

Spread the newspaper body over your stick and string frame. Fold the edges over the frame and glue into place using a strong crafting glue.

6.The Finishing Touches.

When the glue has dried it’s time to attach the final piece. Tie a long piece of string to the centre of the kite where the sticks cross.

The string can be as long as you desire, but a meter or 2 ought to suffice.

7.Jazz it Up!

Decorate your Redcliffe KiteFest kite.

Hint: Use markers and lightweight stickers to add some colour to the makeshift kite.

Avoid using pencils as they may puncture the paper and don’t use watercolours or heavy paints as they can weigh it down.

And presto! That’s all there is to creating a simple DIY kite. Just remember to bring it along to fly at the North Brisbane Kite Festival.

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