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Brendan The Bard
Sun 1:00PM & 3PM

Introducing Brendan The Bard

Brendan The Bard spends his days captivating audienced with classic pub covers and heartfelt originals. His 2018 debut EP 'Bootleg' garnered airplay on Triple J's Roots n' All and local stations. Early 2021 heralds his second EP, funded by live gigs, blending familiar singles and fresh melodies.

Brendan's vocals shift from powerful belts to soothing tunes, complementing agile guitar skills that transition effortlessly between vigor and gentleness. While he music might share chords with others, it's uniquely personal – reflecting his own tales and worldly observations.

Sharing stages with rising stars like Jaguar Jonez and Josh Cashman, my presence grows, inspiring both fans and peers. With every strum, he reaffirms his belief in the genuine connection music he creates.

Sunday 17th September

9:00AM Sesame Lane Mainstage
Busking stage 1
Busking stage 2

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