Linda & Kevin Sanders – Adelaide
Sat + Sun 9am - 4pm

Since 1993 Linda & Kevin have explored the wonderful world of designing, building and flying kites and feather banner ground displays. In that time they have participated in numerous kite festivals across the world sharing their passion and teaching their craft to like-minded enthusiasts.

Linda is a fabric artist, and began designing banners 20 years ago, both for pleasure and commercial use. The process is likened to glass-lead-light crossed with tile-mosaic – a spectacular way to add waving ground-colour at any outdoor event.

Kevin has been designing, building and flying kites since 1993, travelling extensively to participate at festivals, meet other kite flyers, and teach kite making.

Kevin is also a member of the Hall Of Fame committee for the World Kite Museum. Kevin’s framed kites, "The Satellites", feature distinctive abstract, asymmetric graphics and have won awards at many events around the world.

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