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Wildlife Unleashed
Sat + Sun 1:30PM - 2:00PM

Wildlife Unleashed is going to be a highlight at Redcliffe KiteFest this year. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Australian wildlife, forging an intimate connection with our unique local creatures. An immersive encounter that promises to captivate both young and old alike.

Wildlife Unleashed is more than just entertainment, serving as a vital platform for conservation, sustainability, adventure, and education. As children venture into this realm of awe-inspiring experiences, they embark on a journey towards a deeper understanding and reverence for the natural world that envelops us.

Prepare to be entertained, as this encounter leaves a lasting imprint on young minds, fostering an enduring connection with the beauty and significance of our surrounding environment.


Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th September

1:30PM UniSC Kids Stage

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